Our beautiful baby boy ~Bailey~ was born sleeping on 24 March 2009
My lovely mum, Val, passed away on 9 April 2015 (my best friend)

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Boys

It's been busy.  Kyle has been attending lots of appointments with a range of specialists regarding his cleft.  The Speech Pathologist and Ears, Nose and Throat specialist don't need to see Kyle again as his cleft lip will not affect the way he speaks or hear.
The main surgery will be the repair of Kyle's lip.  His gum and orthodontic work will occur when his permanent teeth come through, and touch up work to his lip if and when necessary.

We certainly haven't forgotten Bailey with the birth of our new baby.  I still think about Bailey everyday, he's always in my prayers.  Daily I ask God to give Bailey a kiss for me - I miss him so much.  I now wonder if he would have looked liked Brodie growing up, as Kyle is the splitting image of his big brother when he was a newborn.  I also wonder if he would have inherited the golden blonde hair, too. 

We have three boys now.  I never thought that I would have three boys, I never actually thought we would be a producer of boys especially since I'm such a girl.  Our family is complete now, so there will be no little girls in our household.  In some ways, I'm so happy that I have boys that can grow up with each other and hopefully be best friends.

My Gorgeous Boys